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$   van Maaren, Wilhelm "Willem" Gerardus "Gerard" (10 Aug 1895 - 28 Nov 1971) Address in 1939: Kouterstraat 9
The new head warehouseman, replacing Bep Voskuijl's father when he went to the hospital ill, in the spring of 1943. He was probably stealing from the start. He was curious about the back part of the building and also found v. Pels wallet and wanted to know who it belonged to. He set up trips and soon deduced that people were in the warehouse at night. He always denied tipping off the authorities and there was never real evidence that he was the one who did. Died in 1971. (CE89 p. 21, 29-44, 405, 616, 618: 16 Sept '43, 21 April '44, 25 April '44; AFB p. 294; HLOF p. 336; AF:B p. 218; see also the early 2003 investigation)