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  Gies, Hermine "Miep" (nee Santrouschitz) (15 Feb 1909 - 11 Jan 2010) Wartime Address: Hunzestraat 25
She saved Anne's diary and did a great deal of the daily help for the people hiding in the annexe. She also ran the companies until Kleiman returned (August - Sept 1944) and gave Otto a home after he returned from Auschwitz.
    She was born in 1909 in Vienna, Austria. She partly grew up in Holland with a foster family. Starting in 1933, she was an all around help at Otto Frank's office and soon became a friend of the Frank family. Married Jan Gies on 16 July 1941. During the war, she and her husband lived quite near the Franks' home (see map). While they were in hiding, Miep helped them almost daily. After the raid, she retrieved Anne's scattered diaries, diary pages, family photo albums, schoolbooks, and Anne's hair-combing shawl.
    After the war, she and Jan took Otto in, first at 25 Hunzestraat, then at Jan's sisters' apartment, then at Ab Cauvern's. She and Jan had a son, Paul, after the war (13 July 1950) and he has three children. She wrote a book about her life, emphasizing the war period, She won several humanitarian awards. (CE89 p. 8, 10; AFB p. 281-2; AFR p. 27, 31, 62-3, 199, 248; HLOF p. 195-6; AFBD p. 89; see also see also Web site devoted to Miep's life story, this online interview with Miep [,])

Here is a short film clip with Miep, before the war.