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Margot Frank in Motion
Available to view, but not to download.

The passport photos were very likely taken in May 1939 (this was when Anne was almost ten and a series of photos were done of her) and Margot was 13. The animations take a while to download, so each is on a separate page. Be sure to see the first one (turns and laughs) because I think it's the best: she's more engaged and the frames aren't very obviously from a curved page.

Turns and Laughs
551K file size
about 3.5 minute download (on 28.8 modem)
14 second animation

Facing Right, in Jacket
332K file size
about 2 minute download (on 28.8 modem)
12 second animation

Facing Left
466K file size
about 3 minute download (on 28.8 modem)
13 second animation

Margot's Passport Photos

Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary, p. 27 has three of the photos and a large one on page 76. Two later passport photos of Margot are on p. 36 and 46. The book has several non-passport photos of Margot, as well.


Last Updated 12 February 2002