Anne Frank Diary Reference
The Franks in Moving Pictures

In May 1939, when Anne Frank was almost ten, a photo shop offered a service where you could get a series of passport photos. I made moving pictures (they're not quite movies) of Anne, Otto, Edith, and Margot, using sequences taken from the passport photos series. Because the photos were taken in somewhat quick succession, the Franks almost come to life.
    One might assume that all of the photos are from the same year (1939), however, one of the few such photos of Edith is labeled "1935." Also, Anne seems to have series from two different years, but it's hard to tell.
    Each moving picture is on its own page to minimize page download times and to present each one better:

Anne Frank       Margot Frank       Otto Frank       Edith Frank



Last Updated 23 June 2013