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Edith Frank in Motion
Available to view, but not to download.

There is only this one animation, and it doesn't take long to load, so it is right on this page. (Also available on a black page.)
Edith's photo series is not available, as far as I know. I made this very short animation from the four available passport photos of her. (They are: on page 304 of The Diary of Anne Frank: the Critical Edition; in the photos section of Anne Frank Remembered: the Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family; from an Anne Frank photo collection which is no longer online, and on page 77 of Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary.) Because all four photos are the same shape, she is wearing the same dress and hair style, and she is seated exactly the same in all four, I think they are all from the same sitting. If so, it was May 1935, because that is the one known date (written next to the third).

Turns and Smiles

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5 second animation


Last Updated 6 April 2002