Anne Frank Diary Reference   :   The Secret in Danger of Discovery

Discussion about Kugler avoiding van Maaren one day in September 1943

Anne closes her 16 September 1943 entry, "Whatever would the people in the street have thought if they had seen the Manager putting on his shoes outside?" I used to include the idea of people on the street seeing Kugler because I thought she was saying that happened. I took a look at Anne's 16 Sept 1943 entry and tried to follow the route (using the Anne Frank House CD-ROM) that she tried to describe. I now think Kugler was not in his socks on the street, and not visible from the street in his socks.

The point and interest of the story was that Kugler was being extra careful that day and found a way to avoid being seen or heard and yet avoided waiting too long. The amusement in the story was that Bep came back for him fairly quickly, so it was unnecessary to be so clever and risk-taking after all. A point of interest and amusement in the story is her closing image of what it would be like if someone had caught him in his socks.