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Excerpts from the Missing Pages of Anne Frank's Diary

In 1998, Cor Suijk came forward with the five pages of Anne's diary that Otto Frank (Anne's father) had given him. There were two sets of pages. The first set is two sheets long: an introduction to the diary. The second set is three pages long: criticism of her parents' marriage. The second is dated 8 February 1944.
    The 2001 edition of The Critical Edition includes these missing pages. I have not seen this edition, so here are some other sources. Carol Ann Lee's The Hidden Life of Otto Frank includes Anne's introduction (p. 215 of the American version: Morrow/HarperCollins). Anne Frank: The Biography, includes paraphrases of the content of the missing pages (p. 209-212). Also, early on after the revelation, a Dutch newspaper (Het Parool) printed three pages of the diary, which prompted legal action by the diary's copyright holder. Other newspapers still have articles online about the excerpts. Some have very brief excerpts from the missing diary pages (reprinted below).

"[I] would make sure nobody got their hands on [my diary]"

"What has their marriage become? ... It isn't an ideal marriage. Father is not in love. He kisses her as he kisses us (children). ... He sometimes looks at her teasingly and mockingly but never lovingly. ... She loves him as she loves no other and it is difficult to see this kind of love always unanswered."

"If she had just one aspect of an understanding mother, either tenderness or friendliness or patience or anything else, I would keep trying to approach her. But this unfeeling nature, these mocking ways. To love that becomes more impossible each day."

Missing Pages Resources

I tried to leave out those articles that don't add more information to the others. Note: most of the articles include comment on the content in general and the misleading nature of the first quote (above).

Controversy erupts over publication of missing Frank diary pages
Includes a quote. ( dead link 6-27-13

Dutch Jews Attack Frank Researcher
An AP article about the copyright, financial, and moral complications involved with the pages' release. (aparticle.txt)

The Hidden Life of Otto Frank by Carol Ann Lee (p. 215-6).

Anne Frank: The Biography by Melissa Müller (p. 209-212, and xiii).

There were online news stories about this at the time. I did not save copies. Sorry.