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Anne Frank's Diary: Third Diary

120 pages, 240 sides, or, since 37 page sides were used for Cady's Life, not the diary, 102 pages, 203 page sides.
Dates: 22 Dec 1943 to 17 April 1944. Now her entries are usually in cursive and run 3- 3.5 pages each. All entries in this diary were consecutive.

This was an exercise book. Hard black cover and black binding, the pages were lined and were sized about 16.4cm X 20.7cm (6.46" X 8.15").


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Page Note
[illustration of third diary]
Diary of Anne Frank/from 12 December 1943 to 17 April 1944/"Secret Annexe"/A'dam C./In part letters to "Kitty."

1 22 Dec 1943 (first entry)
4 24 Dec 1943 (CE89 p. 145 has photo of this page)

7 27 Dec 1944: pasted in Christmas package decorations from her first Christmas celebration, (CE89 p. 434 has photo of them)

15 6 Jan 1944: pasted sheet in to expand the space to write in, making pages 15a and 15b. Esctasies about Venus, longing for closeness. On the added sheet she writes of how she's not in love with Peter, just talks to him.
28-9 15 and 19 Jan 1944 (CE89 p. 146 has photo of these pages)

50-1 8 Feb 1944: at the family's request, Anne's "representation of her parents' marriage" are omitted. (Approximately 2.5 pages.) I assume that re-writes of these may be among the excerpts revealed in 1998. See also the note on page 482 of The Critical Edition (1989).
126 20 March 1944: briefly continued here, after p. 123, skipping a sheet, then crossing out what she had started and continuing her entry on page 124 as usual.
130-1 20 and 22 March 1944 (CE89 p. 147 has photo of these pages)
138 23 March 1944: after being confronted by Peter (who had thought they'd had a joke on him), she writes about it. Upset, she signs "Mary Anne Frank" (her middle name was Marie). (CE89 p. 560 has photo of this page.)

140 24 March 1944: after this page, she skipped a sheet, continuing on page 143.
141 24 March 1944: It appears that she put a note to tell the reader to go to the next sheet first. She continues writing on this page after filling page 143.
142 Just puts a dash here.
143 (Continued from page 140, then continues on back to p. 141.)
144 (Continues from page 141.)
191 11 April 1944: pasted in note about the 9 April break in. This is in pencil and not in Anne's handwriting. It outlines what to be sure to tell Kleiman in a (risky) phone call.
203 17 April 1944 (last page of third diary)
37 pages were used for Cady's Life. I don't know if Cady's Life was located at the end. I only illustrated it that way.
(The question mark is only because it is possible that some pages were torn out for non-diary use.)


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