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Anne Frank's Diary: Page Use

The first diary was an unlined autograph book which Anne and her father picked out for her birthday present. She used it as a diary. Anne continued keeping a diary in assorted exercise books and on loose sheets of paper. (Her re-writes were all on loose sheets of paper, as were her tales and essays.) The pages were numbered after the war.

The following illustrations link to further detail about entries, what she pasted in, and which books have photos of which pages. All of these illustrations are from the bottom so that the top of the illustration has the start of the diary. The page widths illustrated all use the scale shown under the first diary. The book covers are not to scale (I don't know their precise sizes).
Also see: the Chronology of Anne's Re-writing her Diary for Publication and the Diary Chronology (frames version, no frames version). The diary chronology includes: calendars and every entry date; some notes on entries; some information about the Tales and Essays; and a subset of the page use information that is covered here.
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[illustration of first diary]

illustrations scale


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diary was


[illustration of third diary]


[illustration of fourth diary]


[illustration of rewrites]