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Illustration Index for The Diary of Anne Frank: The Critical Edition (1989)
In page order. Does not include the many photos of documents that are in the handwriting analysis and authenticity checks article. The page use information does list these (in each diary, you can use the browser's "find" ability to find "photo").

Illustration Page(s)
A P Anne as a girl in Merwedeplein, Amsterdam, playing with a friend. 6
P Merwedeplein, Amsterdam: their apartment building 7
Opekta publicity truck 9
Pectacon registration document 11
Registrations for emigration from the occupied Netherlands 17
Train log from Westerbork to Auschwitz 51
Dead bodies in Bergen-Belsen at arrival of British troops 54
Anne's notes for name changes for publication of diary 60
Timeline of the diary books and loose sheets 61
A page from Typescript II 65
Diagram of diary evolution/editors 66
S F The people involved in creating the play, in front of 263 Prinsengracht (the office building) 79
A Anne. She put this school photo on the inside cover of her first diary. 176
A F Three photos of Anne, Margot, and Granny on the beach in 1940. Anne put these photos in her first diary (on the page that was later numbered page 29). 190
Ruth's birth announcement 193
S Floor plans of 263 Prinsengracht 213
A Six tiny photos of Anne that she put in her diary, with amusing comments (first diary, p. 44). 222
F A large proof photo Otto Frank from 1939. Anne put this in her first diary, on its page 45. 225
A All of these pages have photos of Anne. (Four tiny photos stuck onto first diary page 54; four more at age 11 stuck on page 91b with amusing comments; four more on page 92 with more comments; and one stuck on page 93) 228, 272, 281, 282
Anne's illustration of a dress (drawn on first diary page 93a) 283
A Photos of Anne (three on first diary page 94a, four more, with amusing comments, probably on its page 96; all seven are tiny). 284, 293
Page 1 of the loose sheets (20 June '42 re-write). 302
F Edith Frank 304
A Anne (four small photos in first diary's page 103). 305
S Entrance to the "Secret Annexe" with the bookcase door ajar, revealing the stairs. 308
S Front of 263 Prinsengracht 398
Scraps (from greeting cards?) pasted into the diary. 434
S Back of 263 Prinsengracht: outside view of the entire secret annexe. 513
S Bird's eye view of the area of 263 Prinsengracht 532
A page of the diary (page 138 of her third diary). 560
A page of Anne's diary re-write, from the 29 March 1944 entry (p. 322 of the loose sheets). 580
Front endpaper of her fourth diary, includes her "maxim" ("Zest is what man needs!"). 612
Page of her fourth diary, a secret code with translation (fourth diary's page 4). 615

The Diary of Anne Frank: the Critical Edition, prepared by the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation, Doubleday, 1989.