Anne Frank Diary Reference
About the Anne Frank Diary Reference

What were the information resources for the Anne Frank Diary Reference?
See the resources page. Also, the bottom of almost every page lists resources specific to that page.

Who built and maintains this site? Please list name(s), profession(s), and email(s).
Just me, Suzanne Morine. I am a right-brained yet detail-oriented person looking for a suitable job.

How long and how intensely have you studied Anne Frank and her life?
I have studied Anne Frank from time to time, in my spare time, over about eight years. When I started, in 1992, I was very interested and the information gathering was intense. I was specifically interested in making her story more real to me, realizing the facts.

What are your reasons for putting your notes on the Web?
I am putting my organization of information on the Web because otherwise it is just sitting on my shelf. I had organized it in ways helpful to me and I figured it may be helpful to others.

Have you read all of Anne Frank's works? (both her diary and her collection of short stories and essays)
I have read all of Anne's writing (translated to English) that I could get my hands on.

Do you recommend other Web sites for further information on Anne Frank?
There are plenty of links at List of Links and of course google.

Please answer these questions soon! 1. Was Miep Gais a good helper, helping out the people in the secret annex? Please explain. 2. In what ways did she risk her life for the Franks and the other people in the attic? 3. Was she an influence on the people in the annex? Please explain?
(Believe it or not, this person denied that they were asking me to do their school assignment. Wow, they're so interested in what I think, huh?)
    You don't need my help. If you do your own assignment, then you can be proud of doing it yourself and the grade you get for the effort. Sure, use this site to get information, and other resources, and still more that you may find in your library and bookstore. That's what they are there for. And think for yourself.

I remember the AFDR having either donate buttons or ads. What's changed?
I found no-ads free site hosting. Before, it was either ads or needing donations. I didn't think I'd have a problem finding donors — this site gets about 250 visitors a day — but whatever factors (poor economy, less appreciation of the Web, poor fundraising skills) may have caused it, I have not had luck getting enough donations for long-term full service site hosting. The donation history is here, and I salute the donors. If you, the reader, want to donate just on principle or to help out, here's a button!

Last Updated 8 June 2013